How To Remove Dog Ticks

Ticks are without a doubt feared enemies for both humans and their pets. Being more outdoorsy than other companions, dogs are most likely to carry these unwanted organisms. Transmitting disease that can provoke anemia or even paralysis while causing many other health problems, knowing how to remove dog ticks can be a very useful skill for you and your four legged friend. All dog owners should understand the importance of keeping animals tick free. Knowing some basic facts about these parasites will help you avoid contamination.

Dog Ticks are parasites that feed on the host`s blood. They are drawn to heat and movement mostly attaching themselves to dogs. Found in tall grass or plants, once fixed into the skin they continue to feed for hours or even days. When it comes to dogs, the most common tick targeted areas are hair free. Ears and spaces between tows are the most often attacked. Ticks can live for years if settled and females can lay thousands of eggs at once.

Not all ticks can carry disease but parasites like this should always be treated with the utter most seriousness. Learning how to remove dog ticks can really make a difference. Most of the maladies inflicted by this organism are transmitted during the first few hours since they have attached onto a host. Acting fast and careful can really save you a lot of trouble. There are some visible symptoms when dealing with tick bites:

  • Weight loss
  • Limping
  • Swollen ankles
  • Anemia


Knowing how to remove dog ticks will make these signs become more obvious after a few days, weeks or even months for those more unfortunate. Tick inflicted conditions like paralysis can be remedied with intense treatment. If any of these symptoms are present with your four legged friend than a medical consult is of great urgency. In order to discover ticks the owner should permanently search ears, neck and wrinkles. Identify any abnormality or growth while feeling the skin. Follow this procedure while under strong light. Depending on the species and life period, a tick`s size can vary being as little as the tip of a pencil or as big as a pea. If your house is situated near a forest or if the dog has frequent contact with such area, then he should be checked once a day.

In order to know how to remove dog ticks some research must be done. First of all the owner has to be wearing surgical gloves. Use any kind of tweezers or specially designed tool to remove the parasite from your pet`s skin. Grab the tick as close to the contact area as you can. Take extra care in order not to pop the head. Remove it with a firm and slow pull without turning the tool you are using. If bleeding is involved just press on the affected area for a few seconds. After following the mentioned steps, wash the spot with soap and water. If healing does not happen in normal conditions and soreness is persistent then contact a veterinarian. Specially designed substances and powders are available in order to prevent tick infection.

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