Coping With a Flea Infestation

How do you know when you have a flea problem, and what do you do about it? The rest of the site covers a number of flea control methods you can use to get rid of your fleas, but this page discusses how to figure out whether your house is infested with fleas in the first place, and once you know that it is, what parts of the house you should check for fleas. If you don’t know where to look, you can’t know where to target the fleas with various products designed to eliminate them.

     Fleas will get into any area where your pet sleeps or plays. Often, a the problem will simply be obvious – you’ll keep seeing fleas everywhere. You can find out fairly easily. Get a fine comb and groom your dog or cat – if you find little black speckles of what looks like dirt, you know that you have some new little friends. (This is flea excrement, so get ready to wash your hands). If you can’t find this, but still think you have fleas, try sitting down on the floor and reading a book. If you do this for a half hour or so, you’ll be sure whether or not you have fleas – they show up pretty dramatically against the background of the white pages of a book, and you will hear a clicking noise as they jump and land on the pages. This is a sure sign of fleas.

    Once you know that you have them, you need to know where the fleas are in particular. Usually, they are focused in particular parts of the house. Wherever your pet sleeps is always going to be covered in fleas – it will have adults, and likely flea eggs as well (they fall off the dog or cat as it moves around). Carpets where your pet wanders around will also be filled with fleas – they can dig in there, and eggs easily get buried in the fibers. You should also check the back yard if you have one – often this is the source from which the whole thing starts. It’s a little harder to tell whether they’re out there, but it’s usually a safe bet if the house has them and your pet goes outside frequently. You will either have to use flea control products such as Frontline or Advantage, use products designed to kill fleas in the yard, or keep your pet inside, because if you don’t, they will just come back the next time Fido goes out to play.

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