Dealing with a Cat Flea Problem

Flea infestations on your cat can be a big deal – for a small animal, they can support a surprisingly large flea population. You’ll want to adopt a flea control strategy designed specifically for cats – different pets act differently, and you need to know a number of things to decide on how to best control fleas with your animal. Cats have different problems from dogs, and fortunately are usually easier to handle.

  The first thing that you need to know or decide is whether your cat is going to be an indoor or outdoor cat. The recommendation is pretty much universal to keep your cat indoors unless you absolutely have to do otherwise. Apart from the flea issues, it’s simply much safer – outdoor cats live much shorter lives and are subject to greater dangers. Flea-wise, you get a greater chance of having an infestation from having an outdoor cat simply because they can roam around and contact other animals.

    If you have an indoor cat, you can control its environment – once you get rid of the fleas, they’re not likely to come back for some time. If your cat is an indoor cat, you will need to do things to get rid of fleas around the house – vacuum regularly with a piece of flea collar in the bag to kill the fleas you suck up. Wash the cat’s bedding or any place it sleeps. Baths will be much more difficult than with a dog, so a flea control product is probably necessary. You should go with one that will cut off the flea life cycle – products like Frontline and Advantage do serious neurological damage to the flea nervous system, and they can cut off their ability to bite or lay eggs. You usually only need one dose a month. If your cat goes outside, this will be your primary method of control, but you need to focus on one that kills the adult fleas. You’ll have a constant stream of them because every time the cat goes back outside, more will jump onto it, and if you don’t have something to kill fleas as they get on your cat, they’ll just jump off and continually re-infest any areas of your house you clean. 

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