How to get rid of pampas grass

The pampas grass (jubata cortaderia) is a large ornamental grass known for its tall, frothy inflorescences (flower stalks). It is fast growing and thrives in zone 7 south hardiness map from the Department of Agriculture of the United States. It grows so fast, in fact, that many departments of natural resources in different states classify it as a noxious weed. If you need to get rid of pampas grass in your garden, or if it has  an invaded part of your property, you may have to use forms of physical removal and chemical control to succeed. Begin in early spring for best results.

You will need
A hedge trimmer,manual or motorized
A shovel
Herbicide glyphosate


1- Mechanical Control
Cut the plants at ground level. take the bagged leaves, stems and inflorescences out to be collected.

2- Unearth the crowns of the plants, digging enough to remove the entire root system. Discard the crowns and roots with the rest of the plant residues.

3- Keep digging buds as they appear from remaining roots or seeds.

Chemical Control
1- In early spring, cut the plants to the ground.

2- When the new spring growth appears reaches measuring 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm) high, spray with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) following package directions.

3- Keep spraying if new shoots appear. You may have to do several applications before completely kill the roots.

4- When the crown is completely dead, desentiérrala digging enough to remove all deep roots.

Tips and Warnings
Do not use the remains of pampas grass to the compost or dispose in your property.
You can spread the roots and seeds on the floor of the rest of your property if not properly discard.
Beware that glyphosate does not fall on desirable plants, which may be damaged or die.

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