How to get rid of chickweed

The hoaxes are low and inconspicuous plants growing near the ground in dense formations like bush. Often used as ground cover in winter, but can easily become a nuisance because they produce seed easily and quickly, taking over the garden and lawn quickly. Chickweed has heart-shaped leaves and white flowers (annual) or creeping stems (perennial). In particular, thrive in shady, moist areas. The best way to kill chickweed is to remove the entire plant by the roots, removing much of the plant as possible.

You will need
Garden Rake
Garden Claw

1 – Water the soil where there is chickweed. Saturate the soil with water at least 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) deep before beginning to weed to make it easier to pull the roots of the weeds.

2 – Grab the base of the plant and the entire strip of land chickweed. Shoot up instead of at an angle to avoid breaking any part of the root. Leaving part of the root growth in another lead duckweed plant. If you have difficulty in removing it by hand, dig around the roots with a shovel or hoe small and pull up the plant. Place the nonsense in a bucket and discard them.

3 – Remove any remaining weeds in the soil using a hoe and garden claw and aerating the soil where they were growing nonsense. Continue aerating the soil during the following week to prevent any remaining plant that takes root.

4 – Area watered every day for about two to three weeks. If you do, kill any remaining chickweed while you stimulate the growth of new grass.

Tips and Warnings
In annual flower beds and vegetable gardens, compost surface mulch applied in the fall, with a plan to incorporate before spring planting, this can help prevent seed germination of chickweed.
Spread compost in the garden and spring planting greatly discourage weeds.

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