Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Fleas?

What Is Diatomaceous Earth? 

Diatomaceous earth or DE, what is it and will it work for bed bugs?

What you need to know about diatomaceous earth is that it is made from a crushed fossil called a diatome. What it is is a white dust, or typically a white dust that is made from a crushed fossil. that you can apply in your house for a lot of different reasons.

If you do some research you are actually going to find out that DE is commonly used in pool filters. It also can be used as a supplementto a diet. You can find it in pill form that you can take.

There are even certain forms that you can put on your dog to treat for different issues. Whether its fleas or other types of bugs. How does it work for bed bugs,fleas and what is it going to do? Diatomaceous earth is going to be a dessican. What that means is its going to dry a bed bug out. And so, if this dust gets on a bug its going
to be very abrassive to that bugs exoskeleton and then dry it out and potentially kill it.

Does Diatomaceous earth work

And so, will it actually work, yes it will. Labs have found that DE will kill bugs on contact. The most important thing about using DE in your home is knowing that these other formulations. That you can use in a pool filter.

The ones that you can take as part of your diet. You want to make sure that you are purchasing DE that was made for pest control reasons. So go out there, do some research. Find the ones that were made by people who were intending it to be used for flea control.

Once you buy it you also want to make sure that you follow the labels directions. People think of this is a green pesticide. It’s made from crushed fossils, I’m just going to spread it all over my house. Remember that it is still a pesticide, and it does still have toxicity issues with it all be it very low toxicity but it does still exist so you want to follow the label directions and you want to be applying it to cracks and crevices.

It may say you can dump it on the floor but remember that bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices and so you want to be applying that dust to those areas to address bed bugs most appropriately.
But the bottom line is that yes, you can use DE to kill bed bugs. If you get it to bed bugs, it will kill a lot of bed bugs and it can be a very good product to use as part of a control program.It won’t alone solve your bed bug problem.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Fleas?

Guys I’m gonna do this little experiment module test it out see if it’s effective I’m gonna put some of this diatomaceous earth inside this Tanner and then I’m gonna try to find a couple fleas and then we will see what happens when it gets in contact with the diatomaceous earth see. if it kills it instantly or how long it takes it’s robot vacuum my living room I’m sure there’s been plenty of fleas in here let’s see.

We go to trapping a live ones here’s one yup that’s in there and want another one all right there are a couple of live ones in there you see one right there another right there you can close it off start the iron. I rap when somebody start the timer and we will see when it stops moving you see one right there another on the corner right here still moving I wish I’d been like 10 seconds 11 see it barely jumped.

Did I get rid of fleas?

this is dead it’s not moving. It’s barely moving well what do you know we have another one right here. They’re both moving so far it’s been like two minutes. I’m shaking the care now. It’s been well over two minutes. There’s still pretty much moving around. I was hoping that it would be faster till. You know it maybe like 30 seconds or so well it’s been well over 12 minutes to see. How do you do I mean use a chopstick and there’s one of them see. This one guys dude kicking. This one right here. Okay moving time concerning after 12 months. I mean you would think it would be dead especially on top of it. it’s been past the four hour mark let’s see if there is the active

I can still see this one moving right here but they aren’t as at this alive as before they barely jump so maybe I’m guessing a couple more hours this should be dead I mean I was hoping it would be in line with youtubers because they were saying that I ever did with her like at maximum four hours min.

Stephen Lord and alright what’s up guys this the next day I’m confident there that I’m even willing to take off the saran wrap take a look at it there are two of them right there they are surely dead and I’m moving right there Oh see this one right here it’s not moving instead so all I have to say is a minimum of four hours and I’m guessing my guess would be probably like six hours but these two are dead I’m very happy that it worked even though it wasn’t instantaneous a spot long or faster than .

diatomaceous earth kills termites?

The virtues of diatomaceous earth in eliminating termites are well known. These fine powders composed of soil and microscopic fossil algae are natural insecticides that act as an entirely organic anti-termite . The tiny crystals that go into the composition of DE attack the physics of termites in an impressive way. These essential components soften the shells in order to dehydrate them, its use is easy. It is enough to sprinkle the most susceptible places and the zones of frequentation


Killing fleas of diatomaceous earth ranges from 4 hours to 12 hours. For fleas of different types and ages, this period can be less than 4 hours. But before 12 hours, fleas will be dead.
You can use diatomaceous earth in your home and garden as well as in your dog. It will not harm your dog.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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