Dog Flea Problems

Dog owners routinely have to deal with the problem of fleas – an infestation can be a serious health issue for both you and your pet, because fleas can carry a number of diseases and other parasites. If you’ve got problems with fleas, you need to deal with them. Dogs present unique problems in terms of getting rid of fleas because unlike cats, you can’t keep them indoors all day. They have to go outside and get exercise, and that means they’re going to get exposed to fleas.

How do you get rid of your problem? Here are the basics: For one, you should try to control the area that your dog plays in if you can. If you’ve got a yard, use it. You can let your dog out there to play, and you can pretty much control the flea problem out there on your own (either with pesticides or with natural methods). If you don’t have a yard, you’re going to have to walk your dog and probably take them to a park to play once in a while. This means contact with other dogs, which means you’ll probably have new fleas coming in every once in a while.

    The second thing you should do is try to control access of the fleas to your dog by using flea medicines directly on the dog. Which product you’ll want to use depends on your yard situation. If you have a yard, you can prevent your dog from getting new fleas – buy a product that cuts off their life cycle (by preventing them from laying eggs, etc.). If you don’t have a yard, you need something that will continually kill new fleas that you just won’t be able to stop from getting on your dog. Stopping the life cycle isn’t as viable because there will always be a new source of an adult flea population. You should go with something like Frontline or Advantage in that case, as those can both cut off the life cycle and actually kill or damage the adult fleas to prevent them from biting.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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