Flea bite: how to recognize it and how to treat it?

Did you think that only your pets could be victims of flea bites? It is nothing. Although flea bites can be painful, they are generally mild for humans. The fact remains that humans can be just as victims as animals. Why ? Particularly because the cat’s flea , Ctenocephalides felis , is particularly mobile. She does not hesitate to jump from one host to another and can therefore very well make a detour by you when you cuddle Matou.

Flea bite: what does it look like?

It is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to see the enemy before or after his forfeit, but it is possible to identify his bite quite easily . Generally, the flea attacks your ankles and legs. Papules (small red or pink buttons) appear quickly. You will often have several stitches, rarely an isolated point. We advise you to confirm your self-diagnosis by contacting a doctor or a pharmacist.

Flea bite: what consequences for humans?

You will not feel the bite itself but the particularly allergenic saliva of the flea very often causes very painful reactions :

  • Pruritus : severe itching
  • Swelling : in the event of a local allergic reaction, you may experience a burning sensation
  • Fever  : in case of secondary infection, a fever may appear
  • Anemia  : Like fever, superinfection of wounds can cause anemia.

In the latter two cases, the care of a doctor may be necessary .

Flea bite: how to treat it?

Contact a doctor or pharmacist to treat your sting and itching quickly.

And if you do not want to be devoured regularly after this unfortunate episode, take rapid measures to avoid any proliferation in your habitat. If you suspect your pet is infested, apply suitable flea treatment. Get started in a great cleaning of your home  : bedding, floor, carpets, rugs, under furniture (the dream place for larvae, well sheltered in the dark) …

And to clean up your home, follow our tips for treating a flea infestation . Guaranteed effectiveness in eliminating both adults and larvae. To be applied by scrupulously following the recommendations.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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