Flea treatment for dogs

Flea treatment for dogs

Dog Fleas Affects the Quality of Life of Your Pet Friend

How does dog fleas occur? what are the symptoms? With the answers we give to these questions, You can protect your pet from diseases and prevent problems that may occur.Flea treatment for dogs is a parasite that sees dog skin as a habitat and survives by feeding on blood. When not intervened, the fleas swallowed by the dog licking the itchy areas gradually spread to Dipylidium Caninum, called “intermediate hosts.. Fleas, which are fed by sucking the blood of dogs, sometimes spread to humans. Can survive without feeding for several months. Therefore, animal lovers need to be aware of the symptoms of a flea-infected animal and how to intervene quickly.

Why Dog in Fleas?

Fleas, usually formed during the warm seasons, are parasites that pass from animal to person. Or rarely from person to person through infection. Domestic animals such as cats and dogs may infect fleas in the open area. Through other animals they are in contact with, and these parasites can easily spread. Because they have the ability to jump very quickly.

  What are the Signs and Symptoms of Fleas in Your Dog?

Fleas are sometimes dangerous, even if they do not reach a very disturbing level for dogs, cats and even humans. While some dogs react very mildly against flea infestations, small dogs or puppies often have more severe symptoms and are more prone to become ill due to blood loss.

Skin irritation caused by severe itching and dog rubbing on the ground is the most obvious symptoms of fleas that are quite disturbing. The severity of the problem in the face of flea infestation can range from mild skin conditions to infection, and can lead to anemia. Other main symptoms of flea infestation that cause itching and inflammation, especially in the head, tail, belly, stern, arm pits and neck areas of dogs, can be listed as follows;

  • Dog licking and biting itchy areas
  • Red or bloody sores on the skin of the dog, usually
  • Tapeworm larvae around the dog’s anus
  • Skin spills in the dog’s knee, ankle and elbow areas.

How to Destroy Dog Fleas?
 Although cat fleas and dog fleas can be very difficult to cope with, they can also cause big problems by leaping to household items and people if not intervened. Therefore, in order to prevent this problem, it is necessary to disinfect the furniture, furniture, seating areas and the garden, if any, with insecticide method.

Have you tried garlic to get rid of fleas?

Support your animal’s diet with additional nutrients that strengthen the immune system. Vitamin B complex at each meal. (Half or a quarter of the 10mg dose) and give garlic. Vitamin B-complex is found in nutritious yeast. Dogs can be given 1-2 cloves of garlic daily for every 25 pounds. Garlic should not be given because it causes toxic effects in cats.

Internal flea removers: You may not like garlic, but they don’t like fleas. When your dog eats garlic, the smell of garlic is thrown out of the dog’s skin, so the dog loses its appeal to fleas. You can also keep your dog away from fleas by giving Brewer’s yeast yeast tablets. (It is said that yeast may cause allergies, itching and fungus in some animals. Garlic is also not recommended for cats. However, I give my cats an award for the purpose of these commercial tablets which also include a cat-dog picture.

how to prevent fleas in dogs?

Attaching a flea collar to a dog that has not yet been infected with fleas can be quite effective in preventing a problem that may cause such serious problems. Because not all fleas infested dogs will show the same symptoms, some breeds may mask such a problem and cause late intervention. Flea powder or flea drops can be applied for fleas formed in the dog. This method is very effective in preventing the conversion of fleas eggs into live adult fleas. Because it can sometimes take 3-4 months to kill fleas that reach adulthood.

if you wanna get rid of flease for dogs or you have a problem about flea treatment for dogs, you can washing dog.

To get rid of fleas, washing the dog with flea shampoo is another effective method. However, the shampoo used does not cause dryness, it is very important in terms of skin irritation. In addition, the flea comb specially designed for the emergence of fleas can be eliminated daily by combing dog hairs every day. Collaboration with the veterinarian is the most important issue throughout this process.


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