Frontline vs K9 Advantix vs Advantage

With so many brands and methods of flea control on the market, you’re probably scratching your head wondering which product works best at getting rid and keeping fleas off of your pets.

The Basics


Average Rating

Price (Medium Dog Dosage)

Price Per Treatment

Bayer Advantage 4.1/5 $37.99/6mos $6.33
Frontline Plus 4.1/5 $33.99/3mos $11.33
K9 Advantix 2.8/5 $63.98/6mos $10.66

As you can see, Advantage is far and away the cheapest flea treatment, coming in at over 40% less than both Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix. Also notice that the average user rating for Advantage ties that of the most expensive Frontline Plus, and both Advantage and Frontline Plus receive much more favorable ratings than K9 Advantix.


A sample Advantage review, courtesy of

“I’ve been happily using these types of flea medications for 10 years. BUT, I’d given up over the last two years on Advantage and Frontline. They both seemed to have NO EFFECT. Maybe the fleas in my area had become immune? I tried the others from the local big box store, they didn’t work either.I thought I’d try this “advantage II”, maybe Bayer had changed the forumulation?To my surprise – it worked great! I have two 60 lb dogs (shepherd and golden retriever) who were miserable this summer, as was I, because neither my Shepherd nor I enjoyed weekly baths to try to control the fleas.

This stuff is magic. 

No more fleas on my pets or in my carpets.”


A sample Frontline review, courtesy of

I have two 50lb beagle pound mutts that have been on Frontline Plus for the past 5 years. In those 5 years, they have never had fleas and ticks that they have picked up outside are found dead in their pet beds later that same day. I think that this product works as advertised and only wish it was less expensive.Pros:
Works as advertisedCons:
Doesn’t repel ticks, kills them after they are already on the dogs.


A sample K9 Advantix review, courtesy of

I used this item based on my vet’s recommendation and saw first hand that it does not work well, if at all. One of the biggest draws for me to this product is that it states that it repels mosquitoes.I applied K9 Advantix to my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon pup 4 days prior to heading out to the country on vacation. The first evening when the mosquito’s cam out I was excited to see this stuff in action, but was let down to see mosquitoes land on and actually fill with blood from my pup. Next we head out to the area that I hope to hunt this dog when she is old enough. We spend the day tromping through hay fields and forest. Later that evening I notice a tick attached and engorging on her forehead. I am now home form vacation for a week and I notice a few very tiny fleas crawling around on my pup’s belly. All of this happened within 14 days of applying K9 Advantix. This product did not work for me.When I was on this vacation, I did stop in to the local to have the tick removed. Since I haven’t dealt with tick removal before, I was willing to pay to have this done and learn the proper way to do it. During this visit, the country vet told me that from his personal experience Advantix does not work well and recommends Frontline Plus.


My Personal Experiences

I have had pretty good luck with Frontline Plus, so I haven’t bothered testing the others. K9 Advantix appears to be the most questionable of these treatments, and Advantage is not only the most economical, but also ties for being the most effective.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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