Home made Flea spray

Flea spray

Flea spray is the least expensive but most convenient. Cats usually hate it and your dog would hide under the bed when he noticed a container in your hands.

It is effective against adult fleas and only of two to three days.

As I mentioned before, always start the treatment from the neck to the other parts of the body.

You’ll find Flea spray which comes in a pump or in a spray form.

When using a flea spray, try to cover all over his body but don’t exaggerate.

Flea spray is usually suitable for young and adult dogs but it is forbidden to spray into the eyes and ears. You can sprinkle a small amount of material on cotton and put around the eyes and ears. Always follow the guide attached to the product and read it carefully.

Here is an interesting kind of natural homemade flea spray I read about – A DIY flea spray I wrote at the chapter about natural treatment against fleas:

Mix citrus peels with water in a blender and add Rosemary and few garlic cloves. Boil the ingredients for about 10-20 minutes and then strain it. Leave the liquid to cool down and afterwards fill a spray bottle with it – that’s it. You have nothing to worry about and you can use this flea spray everywhere and on your dog as well (Not into eyes and ears).

Homemade flea spray:


1/2 lt. (2,5 cups) of water
1 lemon

Before you start preparing the recipes, do not forget to read Do Not Say.

lemons 1/2 lt. boil in water

Divide a lemon into several pieces and throw it into the water, heat until boiling.

When it starts to boil, take it from the fire and put it in a jar; Close the lid of the jar.
Rest for one night.

Massage your cat’s feathers by massaging, do not soak, massage the bottom with your fingers. Scan for a while after driving. If she doesn’t like to be combed, put a favorite food in front of her so that she doesn’t lick as soon as she gets it, and comb her hair while eating.


Cats may be sensitive to chemicals called d-limonene in lemon peel. At high doses, this chemical can cause involuntary contractions and fatigue. Though Basash Pirtini, the author of Bashico, states that there is much more d-limonene in commercial flea solutions, but it is still useful to keep your cat under observation after application.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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