Home Remedies for Fleas

Home Remedies for Fleas

Adult fleas are also a major problem; in that not only do they create a disturbance but can cause certain medical issues in humans as well as their pets that include tapeworm, dermatitis, irritations, skin allergy and anemia. Flea bite can result in rigorous reactions like infections that are caused because of scratching the affected area of skin. The most distinctive response to flea bite can be formation of small reddish-brown spots that are slightly raised and forms on the legs and ankles of an individual.You can see home remedies for fleas.

Apart from the many treatments available there are also natural methods of eliminating fleas which are as follows;

a) Citrus repellent:

By cutting the lemon into quarters and immersing it in boiling water you can make an effective flea repellent. This is then soaked overnight to get you the repellent. Use this citrus repellant to spray all over your pets, especially behind the ears, around the head, and also at the base of the tail and the armpits to get rid of the fleas.

b) Aromatherapy:

This is a mixture of lavender and cedar wood mixed together with essential oils, it is then shaken well and spread over the pet’s skin to keep the fleas away. You can also make effective flea collars by rubbing an essential oil of eucalyptus, tea tree, citronella, lavender or geranium on webbing, rope collar or even a doggy bandanna.

natural way for get rid of fleas

c) Essential oil bath:

If your pet is badly infested, it would need an essential oil bath, draw the bath using a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oils. Another alternative is a herbal flea dip made from fresh rosemary leaf.

d) Internal flea repellents:

Feed your dog with garlic and see what a difference it produces. This is because its smell is excreted through the skin making it unfriendly for the fleas. Brewer’s yeast tablets also help in controlling fleas. Another good alternative is natural apple cider vinegar that makes the skin more acidic and unpleasant to fleas and ticks.

e) External flea repellents:

You can also put cedar chips along your fence to keep the fleas out and by planting a herb called tansy, around your pet’s pen can help to keep the fleas away.

f) Borax and salt

If you mix four parts of Borax with one part of salt, and sprinkle the mixture over your carpet, it gets down to the fibers, and dehydrates the fleas and eggs, preventing them re-hatching. It is an effective method and cheaper that the flea bombs.

g) Soapy water

If the fleas are inside the house, place a small pan of soapy water in the middle of the room at night with a small light, like a candle near the pan. The fleas will jump towards the light and end up in the water. When you come in the morning, just flush the water together with the fleas.

All these external and internal repellents are effective natural home remedies for fleas.

To eliminate fleas completely is not an easy task but if you are persistent you can control them giving you and your family a relief and making your home safe especially for kids.

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