how to get fleas off newborn puppies

hi I’m Ron Murray and we’re gonna cover how to rid your puppy of fleas on their head. So when you start thinking about how to get rid of fleas that may be on your puppy. We have to think about doing a bath and then preventive measures afterwards. So what we’re gonna do is when your cover. And show you how to give your puppy a proper bath to get rid of those fleas. Then afterwards different types of preventive measures that you want to do to make sure that.

The fleas are absolutely will go and never coming back when given your puppy a bath. Make sure that the water is nice and warm. You don’t want it too hot .You don’t want it too cold. You’re going to want to get the puppy’s head completely cover in water. All the way down to the back side of their body when you get ready to apply the shampoo.

Start: Puppy Washing

Make sure you put it in your hands. First get a good lathered up. Otherwise if you’re trying to put it right on top of the puppy. You’re going to be able to you might possibly put it in their eyes or put it in places. That you don’t want it to. Put some in your hands start lathering that puppy up from the top worth. It way down you can actually go across the tops of the ears.

you never want to go inside the ears though or up underneath the bottom of the mouth. We don’t wanna have any cross-contamination with the puppy once. You get your puppy all lathered up ready for and ready for rinse. You’re gonna want to again go through with a nice warm water and really rinse. That puppy off we want no shampoo residue left on the puppy .

Whatsoever any kind of shampoo left on the puppy can cause an irritant and your puppy will end up being real itchy . You’ll think that you didn’t get rid of the problem when actually you did but now you have another problem on your hands.

Control : Get rid of fleas on the puppy

Alright so when you get ready to dry your puppy don’t use a blow dryer in the very beginning. It’s really good to get them used to the fact that they just got a bath which is exciting to begin with use a towel hand dry. Make a game of it come across top of their head all over the puppy really get them into it.

Where they’re enjoying the whole bath situation later on down the road. You can start using drying kennels and that sort of stuff if you’re going to take your dog to the groomer but we really wanted to make sure that they’re really comfortable with the whole bath process that just took place.

All right so we gave them a bath. We got him good and dry now we need to think about what we’re going to do for preventive measures and how in case if we miss some of the fleas. There’s a lot of different products that are out there available different things across the board find out what works good for you what could be what you and your veterinarian both like.

There’s things that are good for up to 30 days up to six months and there’s even some home remedies out there. That you can do a lot of those home remedies that you do. They’re going to last only for about two or three days. So you could be applying them on a regular basis one of things to think about is you go for go forward with using any over-the-counter medications.

There’s actually a pesticide in those that you’re actually putting on your puppy to help kill those fleas and ticks that. They may have already got so just kind of make sure. That you feel comfortable with whatever you’re using with the puppy.

newborn puppy

If your puppy is less than 4 weeks old, it can cause some disease. If the immune system has not yet formed, fleas can damage your puppies or even cause death.
After consulting the vet of your newborn puppy, you can take a bath with suitable shampoo. You see it in the video, it is very fun.


Hello there. My name is Erkan. I am an engineer and very curious. I do not like fleas, so I will explain all the methods of how to get rid of fleas.

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