How to get rid of a possum

Clear debris, such as fruits and vegetables that look shabby a gourmet delight for hungry opossum. Keep lids of garbage cans, compost heaps of coverage and consider protection indoors, as these are also a possum with dining area, which can facilitate their return.

Remove brush piles, a nesting site of the opossum. Prune shrubs or other plants that have invaded a hiding place for the creature.
Growing plants with an unpleasant odor to the opossum. Garlic plants, flowering chives and snuff to repel the possum. If the possum problem started in the garden, building a fence with chicken wire and networks around the garden. The tension of the net freely, supported by lots of winding wire out on top, making the housing 3-4 meters high. Burying the cable at least eight inches into the soil. This will prevent the possums to dig under the fence and whether to climb to the top, the informal network, the swing away from the garden.

Add a sprinkler motion activated to give a possum an unexpected soaking.
Sprinkle fox or coyote urine treated in the disorder. Natural predators of the opossum, the smell will scare the animals in the area and they are unlikely to return for fear of an attack. Many online sites offer products. Your local feed and seed can retain some form of processed urine.
Set a trap or hire a hunter. Check your local laws to see if opossum trapping is permitted in your area for your home. In many cases, hiring professional animal hunter worth the expense.


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