How to get rid of chipmunks

When the yard is full of small holes and potted plants are getting covered in seeded rebels, the bugs that cause headaches are far from cute, fuzzy, or tender.Then the question you have to ask is: how to get rid of chipmunks.

Collecting and storing food for the winter, squirrels usually mind their own business and happily they coexist between humans.
But for some homeowners, they are in dire need of home remedies for squirrels.

How to get rid of chipmunks
How to get rid of chipmunks

Why Chipmunk a nuisance?

There are 25 recognized species of squirrel with a species that inhabit both the northeast and eastern North America with the rest of the native western North America.
Western chipmunks only breed once a year.
However, squirrels are abundant East and mate in spring and again in early summer, so that four or five litters of pups in the world each year.
Because of their numbers, which can wreak havoc on the occasion.
The burrow holes homeowners drives crazy, especially when it is near the gardens and flowerbeds.
They also have the power to loosen the retaining walls and foundations.
While a squirrel’s diet usually consists of nuts, bird eggs, small frogs, fungi, worms and insects?

they eat berries, flowers and grains.
They are also known for attacking bird feeders.
At the beginning of autumn, many species start collecting food in their burrows?
sometimes interferes with the balance of the struggle for human-animal power.
Ok, so now we know how annoying they are, we will review some simple home remedies for squirrel below.

Chipmunk Home Remedies

For a patio or garden invaded by squirrels, people have come up with ingenious traps to take control of their outdoor spaces.
However, one of the most popular home remedies for squirrels, a person with a strong stomach to actually carry it out.
Some people have filled buckets with water and gouache camouflaged ambush with a thick layer of floating sunflower seeds.
A table is supported against nature, squirrels tempted to dive in, where they can not get out of the bucket and drown.
A more humane method of trapping squirrels are not to fill the bucket with a small amount of water?
It is enough to keep your head up without drowning.
Glue a piece of paper about six inches from the top of the cube.

Top with sunflower seeds.

The weight of the squirrel tear the paper and fall.
This time, the water will only contain the creature, do not kill.
The most laborious part of this trap is draining the water and then release your unwanted friend in the natural environment.
Willing to compromise and seek only to curb the behavior of a squirrel?

start:how to get rid of chipmunks

Chipmunk home remedies include:

a) cat litter:
When nuts and other seeds are scarce, a squirrel can alter the bulbs of spring flowering plants.
Keep squirrels away by spraying used cat litter around the base of plants or flowers near the bulbs.
The squirrel may fear a cat floating nearby.

b) Cayenne pepper:
Want to keep the squirrels away from ruining your flowers?
Add two tablespoons of cayenne pepper into a quart of boiling water.
Allow the mixture to stand until cool.
After draining the liquid through cheesecloth, transfer it into a spray bottle and apply to the buds as they begin to bloom.

c) The fire water:
In a blender, add the black pepper, whole chilli, and cayenne pepper.
Add the ingredients for irrigation that can be filled with water.
Around the base of plants, soil saturate this solution with fire.

d) cut hair:
A handful of gardening books have mentioned human hair spray on holes of squirrels.
Make sure you are not short or long term.

e) Expanding Foam Insulation:
To prevent the activity of squirrel burrows holes fill your garden with expanding foam insulation.

f) Castor oil and dishwashing detergent:
Place a tablespoon, each of liquid soap and natural castor oil Baar in a blender and blend until a similar shaving cream consistency is reached.
Add six tablespoons of water to the blender.
Mix again.
In a shower, add two tablespoons of the solution with two gallons of water.
Sprinkle over the holes in the garden and landscaped areas.
The ingredients work as a squirrel repellent.

g) thistle seeds:
If you are angry that squirrels are taking all the food from your bird feeder, use the thistle seeds instead of sunflower seeds.

The chipmunk is not a squirrel

Unlike squirrels, the nest of striped chipmunks is often complex. Some chipmunks have a burrow which is a simple tunnel, but often the chipmunk burrows are like large underground mansions with several corridors and several rooms. Fun fact : striped chipmunks have pantries. Although the chipmunk hibernates, it does not store fat until winter. He accumulates his food in his nest, in a kind of pantry, a room apart from the one where he will sleep. Chipmunks are also a little lazy. Not that they sleep all the time, but when they carry their food, they do what you might call "lazy trips". They do it the same way as someone who lives on the 3rd floor and who has made a big grocery store and who goes up the stairs with 4 bags in each hand and one between the teeth: he is just making a trip, but a large! Except that the chipmunk does not put his finds in reusable bags, he puts the seeds he has collected in his cheek pouches which stretch and stretch then, he carries all that to his pantry, in his nest.


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