How to get rid of fleas in 4 steps

Hi ! I’m Keith McCoy with solutions pest in line please live and breed on warm blooded animals consuming blood and also cause our pets to scratch constantly until they’re raw. But you’re not exempt either they will attack you as well that’s why it’s important that we get immediate control before it spreads throughout the yard and the house in order to do this we need to follow the solutions four-step process in eliminating fleas the first step to the process is identification what do fleas look like? And How to get rid of fleas?

What symptoms should you look for. well you need to know that fleas go through complete metamorphosis. That means they go through an egg stage, larva, pupa and adult. The adult stage is the most common of these that you’ll see. It represents about three to five percent of the total infestation. Fleas are about a sixteenth of an inch long brown in color and their bodies are vertically flat which enables them to very easily maneuver throughout the hair of their host as for symptoms and what to look for on your pet well the most obvious. They’ll keep you up all night long from scratching on you you’re looking for raised red whelps something similar to a mosquito or a bedbug bite.

In the meantime, we carefully observe our pets. When dogs are exposed to fleas; It exhibits licking and biting movements of the itchy area. Red or bloody sores can usually occur on the skin of the dog.

how to get rid of fleas second part;

the second part of the process is inspection you know maybe you woke up one morning you had red welts on your body or maybe your dog or cat kept you up all night long scratching. These would be some concerns that you might have an infestation here are some things that we can do to confirm if you have fleas or not.

The first thing we want to do is the most obvious. Let’s check your pet you’ll want to start by combing through your pet’s hair either using your fingers or a brush. You’re wanting to look for adult fleas. Or black specks that will be laid on the skin that resemble black pepper. These are actually adult flea feces now it’s time to move on to the inside of the house. We want to focus on where our pets frequent the most this likely is where your pet either rests or sleep.

If you have a cat that might be a windowsill if you have a cat or a dog maybe they sleep in a pet bed or they sleep on the floor next to a window. All of these areas will need to be very closely inspected. Remember we’re looking for adult flea feces. it resembles black pepper. If you confirm that you have fleas inside then you can be assured.

That you have a problem outside because fleas got transported to the inside either from your pet or from you. We also want to take a look on the outside and inspect those areas. where our pets frequent the most flower beds ground cover under shade trees. all of these areas will need to be thoroughly and closely looked at.

how to get rid of fleas
how to get rid of fleas

how to get rid of fleas third step;

The third step of the process is control. now that we’ve verified that we have a flea problem. We’ll want to start with preparing the inside of the house for the application. We want to make sure we pick up all loose items remove pet bed covers wash. And dry them vacuum the floors and the furniture if using a bag vacuum cleaner remove the bag and dispose of outside. Or if you’re using a canister type make sure you rinse it after using now. That we have the inside prepared. we’re ready to apply we’re going to use a product called. Nova sided Nova side is ready to use aerosol that combines four different types of chemicals. Also it has an insect growth regulator in it that will prevent future reproduction of fleas.

Nova sides not only label for fleas but also many other types of insects. It can be used on many different types of floor surfaces carpet linoleum tile ceramic tile wood floors. You’ll want to start at the back of the house. You’ll turn the can upside down and apply right at knee height directly to the floor surface working your way out towards the front of the house make sure. That you stay off the treated area until it dries your spray pattern should overlap about 10 to 15 percent moving on to the exterior. We’re going to use two different products.

One by FNL P granules to reclaim IT concentrate

We’ll want to make a fresh cut on the turfgrass first then we’re going to apply by Finnell P granules using either a hand spreader. Or spreader we’re gonna apply it to the entire turf also make sure you focus on those areas where your pets rest more frequently such as flower beds ground cover shady areas underneath trees once we have applied the product then we’re going to start using the reclaim IT.

We’re gonna apply the product using either a hose end sprayer pump sprayer or backpack sprayer .

Whichever you choose we want to make sure. That we use enough water to carry our concentrate down to the soil. It does this absolutely no good to just wet the turf grass. You start at the back of the yard you work your way out towards the front make sure. That you have a nice even coat that covers. The yard keep your dogs and cats and yourself off the turf area until it dries.

If you have a house that’s up on blocks make sure that you apply the product up underneath. There as well next we can’t forget about our pet . Unfortunately they’re the reason why we have the problem in the first place. We’ll want to make sure we use an approved product such as preferred spot owned. Or pet coir flea spray check out our video on how to properly apply these products to your dog or cat .

The fourth step to the process is prevention

The prevention of fleas is no different than the control process for an active infestation. You’ll use the same products Nova side on the inside reclaim IT and biphenyl P granules on the outside. The only difference is we’re going to use these products in the spring in the summertime. That’s when fleas are most active . We’ll also want to make sure that we continue to vacuum on a regular basis on the inside.

Remember if it’s a bagged vacuum cleaner dispose of it outside after each vacuum if it’s a canister rinse it out . Also make sure that we treat our pets on a regular basis either with the preferred spot own or with the pet core flea spray .flea control can be difficult don’t get discouraged if you don’t have immediate success. Oftentimes it takes two to four weeks before you eliminate the flea problem. Be patient diligent follow the solutions four-step process if you do that we guarantee you 100% that you eliminate your flea infestation. For more information visit our website visit one of our stores. Or give us a call I’m Keith McCoy with solutions best in line ask us how then do it yourself

Vinegar can kill fleas very quickly due to acidic content. you should take care that it is pure vinegar. Sike density is low, no effect.
The fastest way to get rid of fleas are chemical cleaners. You can produce very fast solutions with chemical drugs such as frontline, advantix.


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