How to get rid of fleas in carpet

How to get rid of fleas in carpet

Did you know that fleas can jump over 6 feet?!

Fleas could be a big reason of misery for you especially if you are a pet owner. They could bite you badly plus harm young children and pets as well.

They use any carrier available: human or animal. They can come right into your living room, unseen, in some socks, sneakers or white clothing, and might be happy staying there with you unless you throw them out. Your carpets and rugs are the two targeted places for them to lay their eggs. These can bring in the worse allergies, severe scratching and even the occasional bite.

Get rid of fleas in your carpet:

Today there are a number of products available that can help you to rid your carpet from fleas. You can get them from any shop yet it is always good to take an opinion of your vet lest such product should harm the health of your pet.

Flea sprays are great for reaching far off – hard to reach areas. Carpet Aerosols are on the top of this list. The Carpet Spray Adulticides helps to kill the adult population of fleas. This is the easiest and most effective treatment. The Demize Carpet Spray is the most sophisticated method that uses both the exterminating and egg-inhibiting ingredients in one application.

Finally, use the simple and inexpensive technique of a ˇ§flea bombˇ¨ (indoor foggers) at least once a year. If you are still not able to fix the problem, use the service of exterminators to get rid of the fleas.

How to get rid of fleas in carpet naturally

Alternatively, you can use the Borax powder which is an old house-hold remedy. Simply sprinkle the powder on the carpet and brush the powder into the carpet. Wait for at least a day before you vacuum the carpet again. This product is the least harmful to your pet. Whichever way you choose to proceed, make sure that the product you choose contains both pesticide (to take care of the fleas) and insect growth regulator (to take care of any unhatched eggs).

It is a good idea to vacate the treated area at least for a few hours after the treatment lest it affects your health too. Most probably you might require redoing it again in a few weeks time.

Prevention of fleas in carpet

The most important method to rid your house of fleas is to vacuum your house regularly. This includes all the carpets, upholstered furniture, long curtains, drapes and floors.

Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag to ensure that no fleas have escaped. You could also try placing a flea collar in your vacuum bag before you begin. Make sure you dispose off the bag immediately. You might need to repeat this procedure regularly if you want to keep those fleas away from your house forever. You should vacuum daily till you have solved the problem. After that, vacuuming once or twice a week should be enough.

Make sure you reach out to every inch of the house your pet has access to. You should also wash your mats and rugs regularly. Remember that fleas like to thrive in moist areas. So make sure that all of your carpets and rugs are absolutely dry and fresh. Also make sure to wash all your petsˇ¦ beddings and in worse cases, replace it.


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