How to get rid of raccoons

These creatures of the night can be lovely in its natural environment. I think but when they break into human territory things change. Raccoons start digging in your garden, spreading garbage and stealing your pet food.
In order to keep them away, pest control products can be used at home. I think it might be better to use homemade ones, but you should do it safely.

How to get rid of raccoons

Some ways to keep raccoons out of your home
If you want to defend your plants against raccoons, follow a recipe approved by the HSOL in northern Colorado. In one liter of water add a small bottle of hot sauce or Tabasco or a can of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent for better adhesion. After the mixture is ready, spray it on your plants, trees and trash cans. Do not forget to wash all fruits and vegetables harvested.
Hot pepper spray comes from the city of Lakewood, Colorado and use a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, one chopped jalapeno pepper and yellow onion, chopped, boiled for 20 minutes in two quarts of water. When the mixture is cooled, strain through cheesecloth and pour the remaining liquid everywhere. It’s great against any wildlife if applied once every 3-5 days.

Other useful instructions
if you wanna how to get rid of raccoons from your home, make sure you have not left any food in the reach of these animals by blocking caps away or put some bricks on top of it. Take all pet food and close all doors and ways of access to your home and hearth. But if one is entered into your attic or chimney, do not scare yourself, it is best to seek professional help.

Scatter moth balls for get rid of raccons

The smell of mothballs also deeply displeases raccoons. You can be sure that they will not venture onto your property if you scatter mothballs at the ends of it. Again, this technique should be avoided if you have small children or pets at home.


Raccoons hate strong, spicy odors. To scare them off, mix boiled water, cayenne pepper, hot sauce and dish soap and spray this liquid all over your backyard, insisting on fences, trees, platforms. tapes and trash cans. However, wear gloves and avoid contact with the eyes as this could heat up.


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