How to kill fleas?

How to exterminate fleas?

Having fleas in the house is definitely not a good thing. Fleas are small brown or slightly reddish critters that measure just 1 to 4 mm. Fleas can jump up to 20 cm high and up to 40 cm horizontally, did you know?

Fleas bring much discomfort to both animals and humans. 10 Tips today offers anti-flea tips to quickly kill them all.

Anti flea tips:

  1. Eliminate fleas by cleaning the house
    The first tip anti chip is to clean and regularly treat his environment, his home. It is very important to clean the house, the yard and even animals.

Keeping the house clean and grooming your dog or cat helps prevent and eradicate fleas. It is important to vacuum in every corner to eliminate eggs, larvae and fleas.

2.Check the animal

It is very important to check for the presence or absence of fleas in your pet’s hair. To do this, check if the animal has small black dots the size of a peppercorn. If you find some, you must quickly give anti-flea treatment to your dog or cat.

Check with your veterinarian first to find out which anti-flea treatment is best for your dog or cat. You can also prevent fleas by purchasing a pest control product. Here are three anti-flea products for dogs and cats:

3. Product anti flea home

There are different anti-flea products on the market to quickly kill fleas. We can therefore think of products such as:Boric acid powder that will be ingested by fleas.The diatomaceous earth that helps dehydrate and kill fleas.Pyriproxyfen, which acts as a growth regulator and prevents young fleas from becoming adults.If you have a flea infestation in the house, you must act quickly to successfully kill all the fleas quickly. If you had to choose a single anti-chip product then go with diatomaceous earth which is really very effective and appreciated by users. Also if you are wondering how to eliminate cockroaches or worse bed bugs then this powder is really effective as a natural repellent!

4.Turpentine essence against fleas

If you are looking for a grandmother remedy against fleas in the home turpentine is an excellent tip.

For this anti-flea tip you simply have to rub a bit of turpentine on the floor, taking care to air the house well. You can also mix the essence of turpentine with wax (depending on the type of parquet) and then scrub the parquet floor to quickly get rid of and kill fleas and flea larvae.

But beware, it is really important to ventilate the house during this anti-chip house treatment. Prefer a day or no one will come home and leave the windows open for a whole day and night.

5.Caring for a dog

If you have a dog, a cat or even a rabbit it is very important to provide care to prevent fleas and other parasites.

Prevent is a great thing to fight against fleas. Indeed, a few gestures can help you to remove unwanted fleas from the hair of dogs and cats. To do this, brush your pet’s hair regularly and offer him a balanced diet that will consist of enzymes and antioxidants. This kind of food will also remove parasites and therefore fleas.

6.Kill carpet fleas with dish soap

Are there chips on carpets and carpets in the house because of your pet or other types of pests?

To help you eliminate the fleas that circulate on your carpets in the house here’s an effective grandmother remedy. Simply mix 3 tablespoons of lemon dish soap with 350 ml of water. Spray this anti-flea mixture on your carpets and carpets in the house to quickly exterminate them.

7.Anti-flea collar for cat and dog

Before having to kill fleas on your dog or cat why not prevent it and take some precautions? This is how the anti-flea collar can be a good solution to prevent fleas in the hair of your dog and cat.

Flea collars will prevent fleas from biting your pet, be it a cat or a dog. On the other hand, they are not infallible, especially if there is already flea contamination on the animal.

8.Flea essential oil

If you are looking for another natural tip to eradicate fleas in the house think of the essential oil. Indeed, fleas and other small parasites hate the strong smell of lavender and mint essential oil.

So you can disperse lavender essential oil around the house to eliminate fleas and especially to prevent the appearance of fleas. A small drop on the head of your cat or dog can be a good tip anti chip. But be careful your cat or dog should not be able to lick where you apply the drop of essential oil, it is very important!

9.An anti parasite

If you have a problem with fleas, bugs or mites know that there are pest control products that can help you solve this problem. As this product is often very powerful it is very important to ventilate the room and the house before, during and after anti-chip treatment.

Here is a product for sale online that seems very effective in killing fleas, mites and bed bugs.

anti parasite products

Of course if you have an invasion of fleas and bedbugs better then you turn to a specialist in the field. It is very important to act quickly and well to prevent the proliferation of fleas and other parasites in the house.

10.Use an exterminator

Exterminators are well equipped to exterminate fleas or any other unwanted insects in the house such as mites and bed bugs. With their special products they will know how to kill fleas but also how to properly protect the entire house.


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