How to Kill Fleas

How to Kill Fleas

Controlling fleas can be one of the biggest expenses for pet owners. Thus, it is important to understand the best ways to kill fleas and conquer this costly, irritating problem. It is easy to spot fleas as they are visible to the naked eye and cause noticeable discomforts, such as scratching, in humans and pets. Once you have identified a flea problem, you will want to destroy them as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are a number of viable options for ridding your home of these pests.

Fleas are remarkably resilient. They have a hearty skeletal system that is virtually immune to crushing. Additionally, these pests reproduce so rapidly that it is difficult to eliminate an entire population. They also spread quickly and rarely remain in one, isolated location. Thus, it can seem like a nearly impossible task to find and destroy all the fleas in your home. However, with the right methods and tools, it is doable.

Killing fleas that are already living on your pet requires some care. You want to choose a treatment option that will destroy the pests without harming the host. To immediately reduce an infestation and kill a good portion of fleas, give your pet a good brushing with a flea comb. You will want to do this outdoors and away from your home. This should be followed by a flea bath. You can either administer this yourself with an at-home product or take your pet to a professional groomer. Additionally, you will want to treat your pet with one of the many insecticide products prescribed by veterinarians. There are several formulas available. Some work by destroying larval fleas, which prevents further reproduction and spread. Others are able to actively kill adult fleas. Those that kill adult fleas will not only help remove the problem from your pet but also trap and kill newly hatched fleas from around your home.

Once the fleas on your pet are destroyed, you will want to prevent further infestation by removing all the fleas from your home. One of the best ways to start removing fleas from your home is to clean. Vacuuming is especially useful as it can kill a great percentage of both flea eggs and larval fleas, which tend to locate themselves in carpet fibers. Once you finish, though, you will want to immediately dispose of the vacuum bag outside of the house. Additionally, it is a good idea to spread some form of non-toxic flea killer throughout your home. One of the most popular options is Borax, which is sold as a laundry product. Borax contains boric acid, which kills fleas by dehydrating their skin.

Other products work similarly and can be used instead. However, it is important to make sure whatever substance you choose is not toxic to humans or pets. Ultimately, the insecticide will need to be spread around the house and left for several days before it is vacuumed away.

Fleas can truly be a nuisance and often seem impossible to get rid of. However, by following some of the tips above, you will be able to rid your pet, family, and house of these frustrating pets.

Once you have killed all the fleas invading your space, you can breathe a sigh of relief and return to enjoying your home.


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