Performing a Dog Tick Removal

ometimes dogs bring home some unpleasant surprise to their owners, a tick. Dogs usually pick them up while playing outside in the woods or in some bushy area. Even if it’s not obvious, dog owners should always check their dogs after they return from a romp. Sometimes you can just feel a bump on your dog’s soft fur. It is extremely important that you remove these parasites from your dog as soon as possible in order to prevent any health issues that these organisms can cause.

Dog ticks come in many form. The male ones are usually brown and flat. If the tick hasn’t started to tap your dog yet, you can hardly see them. They will grow once they start to fill up on your dog’s blood and eventually will look like gray beans. They have four small legs on each side close to their mouth. The deer tick is known to carry a very serious disease called the Lyme disease. This type of tick is harder to find than the usual dog tick because it is very small.

Steps to remove Dog Ticks

If you haven’t tried to remove dog ticks before or you are not comfortable with carrying out the procedure by yourself, you should ask the help of your local wet. However, if you have the right tools, it is very simple. You can purchase removal instrument, they are very cheap and they make it very easy to remove ticks. They allow you to remove the tick without injuring the tick. This is very important because these bugs carry some very harmful bacteria in side their body, and you don’t want these bacterias to get into the bloodstream of your dog.

  • Don’t forget to wear surgical gloves before touching the tick! Try to grab the head or mouth of the tick exactly where they enter the skin. This can be hard if the tick isn’t big enough. Don’t grab the tick by the body! It’s also a good idea to spray some alcohol on it to make it a little bit dizzy.
  • Now that you have a firm hold on the tick’s head, pull firmly back and out in a straight motion. Since the tick is stunned it should come out without any problem. Don’t twist the tick as you are pulling it out, you don’t want to burst the tick’s body.
  • If you maanaged to take it out, stick it in a jar of alcohol to kill it. Ticks don’t die when you flush them down the toilet. Alcohol is the best option, it will eventually kill it. You may want to keep the extracted dog ticks in alcohol for a few days, just in case they managed to infect your dog. If, after a few days, you notice that your dog isn’t feeling well then it’s likely that it got something from the tick. If this is the case, your vet may requests for a sample of the tick.
  • Just to be on the safe side apply some antiseptic on your dog’s skin to prevent further infections. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

There are some silly views on dog tick removal that are not effective, and can be very dangerous. Burning it, for example, is not a smart idea, you could burn your dog, or yourself. While alcohol is good to knock them out for a while, it won’t come out just because you dabbed it with alcohol. Eventually you’ll need to pull it out.

What happens if you burst the body and part of the tick’s head stuck in your dog? Don’t panic! Your dog’s skin will inflame and break the pieces after some time. Use some hydrocortisone cream on the skin if it looks really irritated, but most of the time it will heal naturally. If it doesn’t, consult your local vet.

If you want to avoid all this hassle, the best thing you can do is prevent ticks from biting your dog in the first place. There are highly effective anti-tick medicines and tick powder that you can use against dog ticks.


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